Specialty- Air Saw

0.5HP ReciPro Air Saw

LNS-220 D 5,000SPM 

*Packing: 12PCS/15.6/16.6Kg/1.9’

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Bi-Metal Saw Blades

5pcs/ pack

No-tool blade


Bi-Metal Scroll Air
Saw Blades

5pcs/ pack


  • Linear bearing
  • Built in dual-speed design: the low-speed mode lengthens blade lifespan; the high- speed mode allows the tool to cut faster.
  • Low vibration front housing, reduces user fatigue.
  • Safety throttle prevents accidental startups.
  • Rear exhaust with low noise design. (pat. No.: US10,583,548 B2)
  • Suitable for various brands of saw blades on the market.
  • Exclusive pneumatic blade with hole for tool-free blade replacement.
  • Protecting cap reduces dust contamination and prevents hands from slipping.
  • Motor with reciprocating crank mechanism (Patent No.: US10,189,173 B1) can cut steel and soft materials including wood, plastic and aluminum.
  • Can cut 6mm (1/4”) thick mild steel and steel pipe of diameter 80mm (3.1”).
Model No. Stroke Length Weight Length Stroke Speed Air Inlet Hose Size Avg. Air Cons.
mm Lbs. (Kg) In. (mm) SPM In. In. (mm) CFM
LNS-220 D 11 2.2 (1) 11.42 (290) 5,000 1/4 3/8 (10) 3.5
  • Speed, CFM and torque are obtained at 90psi.
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